Home Remodeling & Additions

Remodeling a home can be a daunting project, but here at Topp Remodeling & Construction, remodeling your home to better fit your lifestyle and preferences is our expertise! We love to work with our clients to create a custom space they will love to live in for years to come. Whether you’re thinking of a few upgrades, a full remodel or a brand new addition to you home, Topp Remodeling & Construction is the team you need.

Adding on to Your Utah Home

Adding on to your current home solves a variety of problems. Do you need more space because your family has grown? Has your use of the space changed? Perhaps the layout of the space doesn’t suit your needs any longer. Or maybe you’ve decided that, financially, you need to stay in your current house for a few more years until the real estate market recovers. Whatever your reason, adding space to your home can be an excellent investment as well as a solution to many challenges.

home remodels and additions Utah

Think of Your New Addition as a Large Home Remodeling Project

Any large remodeling or home addition project requires you to consider many options and choices, to ensure that your addition meets your needs and serves the purpose that you want it to. It’s also important to make sure that the design of the addition flows seamlessly with the rest of your home and neighborhood. Working with an experienced and creative contractor will guarantee that the planning, design, selections and construction are done correctly, and that you are ultimately delighted with your new space.

At Topp Remodeling & Construction, we think of your addition or remodel project from the inside out. We won’t just tack on an addition to give you more space; we reconfigure your space to work better for you, and to add highly functional square footage to your home. It’s more like an upgrade to your entire home than it is a simple addition to your existing home.

Utah Home Additions to Consider

If you’re ready to branch out in your current home, you have many additions to consider that will improve your home’s livability and value. A sunroom will help to bring the beauty of the outdoors in, while family rooms make a great space for your whole family to spend time together. Second-story additions can add value and space to your home, while bathroom additions may just make your morning routine a bit easier. Adding or expanding your existing garage is highly valued today, as is the addition of a mother-in-law suite for extended family visits or to use as a home office. The most value-added addition today? A beautiful, expansive laundry room.